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About Us


We are a young startup with a bold dream, a dream to transform people’s experience of buying meat and to reacquaint them with its real flavors. Buying meat in wet markets or from butchers is an unpleasant experience characterized by a perpetual stench, buzzing flies and the revolting sight of meat hung upside down. This meat is stale, unhygienic, low on taste, and unfit for human consumption according to World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines* which state that meat kept at temperatures between 5 to 60 degrees Celsius can slowly become poisonous.


Founded in 2016 by a self-professed, ardent meat lover, TenderCuts was born of the vision to provide fresh, quality meat in line with WHO standards, the desire to bring back the real taste of meat, and to give people unlimited choice, of meats, cuts and flavors, in the comfort of the their home. TenderCuts is committed to delivering farm fresh, healthy and hygienically processed meat right to your doorstep in 90 minutes. We offer the finest selection of chicken, seafood, mutton, exotic meats and marinades that can be ordered online, on your phone or at the TenderCuts retail experience store. Our premium range also includes free-range chicken and goat.


Our direct partnership with local farming and fishing communities and strong backward linkages ensure that the TenderCuts meat travels a very short distance to reach you, guaranteeing absolute freshness. We have integrated our partners into a just ecosystem of fair prices and timely payments, encouraging them to practice ethical farming that brings you chemical free and preservative free produce.


TenderCuts has established numerous checks and quality controls throughout our processes of breeding of livestock, selection, cleaning, and delivery. Among our several quality measures include selection of meat through stringent grading and rigorous standardization systems, handling of meat by automated systems and trained personnel at our state of the art facility, and washing and pre-cleaning of meat with RO water. Every step of the meat from farm to fork is monitored and controlled to bring you the best quality.


*Source: World Health Organization (2006), Five Ways to Safer Food Manual



  • Fresh and hygienically processed meat

  • Experience the real taste of meat

  • Chemical/preservative free meat

  • RO washed and pre-cleaned

  • Cold chain technology that preserves freshness

  • Meat sourced from local communities

  • Environmentally sustainable

  • Quick and convenient

  • Experienced team

  • Strong in-house delivery capability

  • Better customer experience

  • Category leadership across mutton, seafood, and exotic meats




-100% Halal

-Food Safety Compliance


-Medical Certifications of antibiotics-free meat




The TenderCuts Team (Infographic)


Processing and procurement

Operations - Customer Care and Delivery






The TenderCuts team is led and managed by industry experts with several years of hands-on experience in their respective areas. Along with their collective experience, they bring industry knowledge, passion and dedication to TenderCuts.


Chefs, specialists from the cruise ship industry, gurus from the food industry with a cumulative experience of 26 years and experts who have set up and monitor SOPs for international hotel chains manage our Processing and Procurement Department. The Operations Department covering customer care and last mile delivery is led by professionals with an expertise in managing call centers of several big Corporates and deliveries for delivery service companies. Whizzes with several years of experience with technology giants head our Technology department.


At TenderCuts, we believe in the constant training of employees across all departments to introduce them and keep them abreast with progression in technology, company values, standard operating procedures and company requirements. For instance, butchers who work in our factory come with certain knowledge of handling meat. But once incorporated as part of the TenderCuts team, they are trained to cut meat with surgical precision.


Together the TenderCuts team ensures that your experience with us is gratifying and hassle free.




To change the way people buy and consume meat in India by providing them with a convenient and hygienic experience. To establish a pan-India brand with an online and physical presence, having strong, direct partnerships with farmer and fishermen communities.




A socially conscious company, we believe in providing the best quality meat to our customers at reasonable prices. Our belief in public health and environmental sustainability drives us to partner with local communities to bring you RO washed, pre-cleaned and preservative/chemical free meat.


The TenderCuts Promise




  • Farm fresh, quality meat delivered to your doorstep in 90 minutes or less.

  • Vast selection of the finest cuts from the comfort of your home.




  • Maintain a long lasting relationship with our partners based on trust, transparency and mutual advantage.




  • Partner directly with local farming and fishing communities to integrate them into a just ecosystem of fair prices and timely payments.

  • Associate with small trawlers who do not overfish, are more environmentally sustainable and provide livelihood to the local communities.

  • Promote public health by providing chemical free and preservative free meat that is washed and pre-cleaned by RO water. Use cold chain technology to constantly maintain the temperature of meat at 0 to 4 degrees Celsius to prevent bacteria and microbe growth and retain freshness.