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Country Chicken Eggs - Pack of 6

Pack of 6
Country Chicken Eggs - Pack of  6
Heath. That's the unique flavour of country eggs from Tendercuts. Fed on herbs and fresh grain, and humanely raised in a farm, our country chickens lay enriched eggs which are then hygienically processed and safely packed. Free from antibiotics or additives, classic, all-natural eggs.

Ideal for: You can't go wrong with Tender Cuts eggs. Boiled, sunny-side up, devilled, scrambled, fried, or deliciously curried, eggs can be enjoyed in so many uniquely tasty ways.

No. of Pieces: 6

Tips: Refrigerate small end down in the original carton. Eggs which are a week or so old are easier to peel than very fresh eggs when cooked in the shell
Weight : 1 Pack