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Free Range Mutton Rib Chops

Free Range Mutton Rib Chops

Expertly cut from the rack of the goat, our goat rib chops are chiseled to 1 rib bone per chop. Our skillful butchers then cut the meat away from the end of the rib bone, to make it ‘frenched’(a part of the bone is exposed) for a beautiful presentation.

Ideal for: Spiced Rib Chops, Mutton burrakabab, Crumbed rib chops

No of Pieces: 6-8 pieces of Chops cut from 4th to 9th rib of goats

Freshness Indicator:The meat should be moist, brownish-red in color and cold to touch. When you press a finger into the fresh meat, the dentshould quickly disappear and the meat should bounce back to its original shape.

Weight : 460 - 480gms
Serves : 4
Pieces : 8 to 9