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Cheesy & Chilli Chicken Cocktail Sausage

250 Gms(16 pieces)
Cheesy & Chilli Chicken Cocktail Sausage

The Chicken Cheesy & Chili Sausage is as luscious as the chicken cheese & onion. The flavour of chilli made this one-bite sausage to be the highlight of every spice-up fan.

Cooking Instruction:

Thawing:- Move the pack from freezer to refrigerator for 6 hours or defrost in Microwave for 2 Mins. Suitable only for immediate consumption. 

Grill / Pan Fry:- After thawing, fry in pan or grill on medium heat for 3-5 mins on each side.

Benefits: 100% Chicken Meat I Gluten Free I No Added MSG I Soya Free

Weight : 1 Pack