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Chicken Boneless (Cubes) (1 Kg)

35 to 40 piece
Chicken Boneless (Cubes) (1 Kg)

Fresh pack of boneless and buttery chicken pieces cut in cubes. These supple chicken await your added masalas to absorb like a sponge, and transform into tangy chicken recipes on your plates. We have carefully curated the soft, slimy breast portions cut in uniform shapes so that they get evenly cooked. Being free from bones, you can go on and eat them with zero worries. These tiny darlings will easily become everyone's favourite in your home right from kids to elders.

Ideal for:

  • These chicken cubes are ultra-versatile as you can make a number of Indian cuisines including Butter Chicken, Chicken Chettinadu, Kerala Roast Chicken, Chinese chicken recipes like Chilli Chicken, Manchurian, Chicken 65, Chicken fried rice and noodles, and a lot of other snack recipes and appetizers.
Weight : 980 - 1000 gms
Serves : 6 to 8
Pieces : 35 to 40