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Chicken Curry Cut (Skin Off)

Chicken Curry Cut (Skin Off)

As most of the fat content in a chicken is stored in its skin, our chicken curry cut without skin is a healthy alternative. A great source of lean, low fat protein that is bursting with flavor and is ready to fall off the bone as soon as you cook it.

Number of Pieces: 16-18 pieces

Ideal for: An evergreen cut, you can make anything from Chettinadu, Mughlai, Punjabi, Tandoori to Chinese cuisine, with our chicken curry cut.

Freshness Indicator: The chicken should be pink in color and cold to touch.

Tip: It is very easy to overcook this cut, leaving it dry and rubbery, so watch like a hawk while you are cooking.

Weight : 480 - 500gms
Serves : 4
Pieces : 18 to 20