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Sardine - Mathi/Kavalai

Fish gutted & packed without head
Sardine - Mathi/Kavalai

With high oil content and Omega 3 fatty acids this member of the Herring family is one of the most pocket-friendly fishes in our collection. With a delicate flavor and soft chewable bones, our sardines are cleaned and sold as whole.

Slices: 10-12 Slices of whole degutted fish .

Ideal for: Kerala Style Fish Curry, Malabar Fish Curry, Fish Fry, Fish Kuzhambu

Freshness Indicator: Firm, moist, shiny, and cold to touch, and should bounce back when touched. The eyes should be clear with no cloudiness.

Also known as: Kavalai, VellaiSuda, NeethuKavalai

Gross : 480 - 520 gms
Net : 240 - 260 gms